Friday, June 20, 2008

Humanity- Extinct In Today's World

This is about what happened with One of the relatives of my colleague. A 28 year guy, just been married for a year, working with a renowned Automobile Company at a Handsome Pay Pack. This guy had everything going right for him till he woke up on that fateful day.
To get on to the Company Bus (since he'd missed it), he started from his place & as he was about to reach the place where he would park his bike & get onto the bus, the unexpected happened: SHOCK NO. 1- A Cab came racing from behind & rammed into this guy at a speed of about 80 kmph.
SHOCK NO. 2- The guy was lying on the road for over an hour, bleeding & pleading to passers by to take him to a hospital, but NOBODY even bothered to even take a look !!!! Finally when the guy was taken to the hospital, he breathed his last- Cause of Death- Excessive Internal Bleeding !!!!! If even 1 of those hundreds who passed by that ill fated guy, had shown SOME HUMANITY & cared to take him to the hospital, his family would have probably seen him recovering in the hospital today !!!!!!!!
SHOCK NO. 3- The next day, News sells as usual & the so called "News Papers", (that people are supposed to rely on to get realistic & authentic information) clearly state that the Cab Driver who was responsible for the Gruesome Incident "Has Been Arrested". But the family of the victim disagrees to this, saying that all of that was absolute "Bull Shit" !!!!
Some questions that just come to my mind (And I just can't stop myself from thinking) are,
Is the Media today, merely a source of Making Money? or do they even consider the fact that they are responsible for something?
Have we as human beings, become so indifferent to anything & everything that happens around us today? Are we so busy & engrossed in our own worlds that we don't even bother to stop & help a dying man? As far as the Police Dept is concerned, I know that I cannot expect anything from them.
I could know about this because I had somebody who could tell this to me & then I realised there might be so many people who probably meet the same kind of fate everyday, just because "We the People" just don't care.
Along with all the Science & Technology & the so called "Development", I pray to God that He also gives us something called HUMANITY.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aarushi Murder Case- My Views

The Police Force in our country is an ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC, RIDICULOUS, USELESS & THE MOST DISORGANISED Public Body, with no ethics, knowledge & discipline whatsoever.The entire existing Police Force should be banned & exiled & a New Action Force should be formed, which would constitute the Common Man. The selection should be based on a Transparent & Unbiased selection procedure, passing which, a person is inducted.This Action Force would ideally operate with absolute powers & discretion to take the required decisions & action required, no matter what they need to do to enforce Law & Order & Discipline in the country. And this Action Force would directly report to the President of India. If we ever have such a Force in place, will we be able to see an improvementin the current state of affairs. In the Aarushi case, the Police is to be blamed completely, because the crime is something that has happened & possibly could not be stopped, but to bring those Bloody Criminals to justice, was the job of this PATHETIC POLICE FORCE. Hang the Bastards, Hand over the case to the CBI & bring the criminals to Justice. God Bless Aarushi & may her Soul Rest in Peace.